Experience a special

Our family loves variety – especially on holiday – and we expect no less for our guests. This is why you’ll find a cornucopia of dishes not only at the Alpenrose, but also in all other GERBER HOTEL establishments.

Food and drink keep body and mind together and make mealtimes a pleasure. You should enjoy time with your loved ones, especially on holiday – where better to do so than over a leisurely dinner?

Asia on
a plate

You can enjoy a delicious and romantic evening in the Far-Eastern surroundings of the das Gerbers – Fine Asian Cuisine. The menu is full of Far-Eastern influences fused with local products as well as freshly prepared sushi and extraordinary fish, meat and wok dishes. For people aged 14 and over.



Enjoy a unique mountain hut experience at 2,423 metres in Kühtai every Tuesday and Thursday. Indulge in a unique mountain hut evening with a culinary speciality – fondue bourguignonne for lovers of fine meats – and ‘cook’ together at the table. Reception will be delighted to take your bookings.


Make your mealtimes work for you. There are no limits at our four-star buffet. There’s definitely something for everyone here!